I offer professional beta reading services for authors ready for that next step toward reaching their publishing goals. Whether you're looking to self publish or publish traditional, a clean manuscript and well executed story will separate your work from the millions of books published each year.


How do you know your story is well executed? That's where I come in. I have taken multiple master classes by #1 NYT Best Selling author, Jerry Jinkins, as well as multiple experts throughout the industry. My primary focus is to help writers achieve a story that's not only exciting, but executed to industry standards, i.e., that all important reader marketability the Big 5 look to when selecting titles.

When do you need a professional beta reader? There are two options:

 1. Before your manuscript goes to the editor (recommended). By now you will have drafted and redrafted to the best of your ability. This is the perfect time for a second pair of eyes to point out any plot, character, structure or pacing issues within the manuscript before an editor makes the final grammatical changes.

2. After the editor. This is when you're looking for marketability before the final step of publishing, i.e., whether a general audience will like what you've created. This is great in determining how well your book will do before it hits the press, but a word of caution: if readers come back and find the plot, character (s) or multiple errors of any kind, the money spent at the editor will be for not.

Each book will be fairly critiqued and I’ll focus on:

•Character development
•Plot and structure
•Dialogue and pacing
•World development
•Narrative style
•Mood and tone

My preferred genre is Young Adult Fantasy, both low and epic, but I will accept titles in Fiction, as well as short stories within these genres.

I will not read Historical, Nonfiction, Gay and Lesbian, Erotica, Adult, or anything with provocative material.

Rates are $0.15 per word with a base price of $30, and are for beta reading/manuscript critique only. I will not be line editing, proofreading, copy editing or developmental editing. You can expect notes within 7-30 days upon submission. Time to finish depends on manuscript length. Payment must be made before I begin.

To submit, email the first three chapters in Word or PDF format to Title your email BETA WANTED in case your email ends up in the junk folder. Include book title, synopsis and the intended market/age range.


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