PRONUNCIATION: Lō h - emphasis on the 'h' - Lee

The loh’li are a woodland folk who live in colonies throughout the many valleys in a world called Nythoria. They are a short race, growing no taller than 3’5”, although there are some who would boast that they reached the outstanding height of 3’6”. With long, pointed ears that are just slightly taller than their head, they have excellent hearing. and a long, lion-like tail to keep balance whilst they run on all fours and bound through the treetops like squirrels.

Art by ryky

The most well-known valley, and highly coveted by loh'lis seeking refuge, is one they call Lok’Ree, for it’s surrounded by mountains and a vast marshland in the south, making it the safest, and most secluded, valley in the world. The loh'li prefer not to be bothered by outsiders and are perfectly happy to remain in the quiet comfort of their homeland and tend to their cozy houses that wrap around trees.

Map by A.R. Morris


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